The daughter of the Crook King

premiere: 27 september 2012

Long ago, in a country not far from here, there lived a girl. A little girl, with a good character and a golden heart: Julchen. She lived in a palace, because her father was a king. A modern king. A king who become rich overnight, nobody knew, how. But nevertheless: a king. Everything the king possessed, was of gold. Except his heart. That wasn’t made of gold. Absolutely not!

Her parents want to sell Julchen, just like her brothers and sisters before her. When Julchen finds out, she wants to divorce from her parents. What will the judge do?

The text by Ad de Bont (“Daughter of the Crook King”) was translated in german and rewarded several times. Fairy tale mixes with story telling, keeping the story lively and up-to-date. In the end, the audience decides!